Security & Reliability

At Jusbill, the security and privacy of your data are our top priority. Here's how we've implemented multiple levels of security to ensure your information is secure

Secure AWS Datacenters

We host our application and your data at ultra secure Amazon Web Services datacenters. This prevents break-ins and theft of hardware and keeps our data secure from physical harm

Encryption & Encoding

Most of your data is either encrypted or encoded before being stored into the database. That means even if somebody accesses our databases, they still won't be able to read the data

CxO Access Only

Only our CEO and CTO have access to the backend databases and code. This means, nobody else can access your data unless you allow them to

Our CTO spent almost a decade in Credit Cards and Banking sector. Your data is secured using the same security techniques that are employed in that sector.

Daily Backups

All of your data is backed-up daily. This covers you in the unlikely event that our servers crash or are unreachable. Your business continues uninterrupted

SSL Layer

Notice the lock sign next to That ensures that all data transmission between your computer and our servers is secure and encrypted

User Roles

Our roles based system allows you to restrict and grant access selectively. What's more, you also get to track and audit user behavior on the system

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