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Online GST software Vs Offline GST software

Use Cases

Jusbill (Online)

Desktop (Offline)

Multiple users or computers One low price for all devices Pay extra per computer for extra computers/users

Downtime System Crashes Online Data. Instantly available on any-other computer Data is lost. Work stops untill repair, reinstallation, data copy etc

Anytime Anywhere Use jusbill from anywhere. Your home, on the road, from abroad Setup costly servers or use only on the computer on which installed

Connectivity with GSTN Seemlessly connected with GSTN Use adaptors which are prone to connectivity issues

Security Encrypted & Encoded data on secure Amazon Web Servers. Accessible by nobody else except you. Laptop stolen or pen drive stolen means all your business data is lost or stolen

Privacy Access rights, audit trails and restricted views means your data is absolutely safe even from within Anybody can copy the data and share it with competition or outsiders